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Ltd. "Zhespar-Bios" works in the market of high technologies in cosmetics and medicine since 1991. As part of the company's highly qualified specialists: doctors and candidates of medical, pharmaceutical, biological sciences, worked for many years in the structures of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The company has its own research department, which conducts research on the mechanisms of human aging and developing technologies to extend the life activity of the organism.

Since 1989, our team at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR institutions, and later, and the Russian Academy of Sciences, under the direction of Doctor of Biological Sciences; Zimnitsky, it was the development of technologies for the production of biologically active components of the placenta, which since 1991 have been implemented on the basis of the company created by us. The approach to cosmetics from the standpoint of medicine made it possible to create a truly high-performance cream under the brand name «Plazan». Technologies developed in the company purification of active ingredients allowed in 2008 to launch serial production of creams based on the active ingredients of propolis unique mountain Bashkir bees whose honey is recognized as one of the best and most environmentally friendly in the world ( «Plazan-propolys»). Today completed the development on the creation of a whole series of cosmetics, obtained with the use of nanotechnology. In 2008 the company plans to release a new series of «Plazan - NanoDerm», in which plants are used as a source of the active ingredient molecules, algae and tissue calves. This is the first domestic nanokosmetika, which gives a stunning effect on the level of cells and tissues.

It is important not only to create a highly effective cosmetics in the laboratory, you must still deliver it to the consumer without quality change. Of course, this problem can be solved in the production using the most advanced technology of packaging products. These technologies today include process tubirovaniya cream. The unique technology used in our factory lies in the fact that since the packaging in the shop, to the cream is completely excluded air. There is no additional preserving its strong preservatives that are not the best way effect on the skin. Moreover, opening the cream before application, the client minimizes contact with creamy mass air environment, so - it eliminates the possibility of contamination and oxidation. Thus, the modern packaging technology allows not only to maintain the original activity of the cream, but allows you to use it in a more comfortable sanitary conditions when selecting the right amount of cream is not paired with the entire air contact cream packaging. Since April 2008, more than half of the entire enterprise of products packaged in tubes, using the most advanced technologies.

Our development - it professionally selected recipe that combines modern cosmetic ingredients with the active ingredients created in our own laboratory, which is certainly beneficial effect on the price of enterprise.

Engineering companies marked by a number of awards at international competitions, for example, such prestigious awards as the prize "For the best trade mark" (Paris, 2005) and a gold badge "Global Quality" in the category "Cosmetics of the third millennium"; '' Prih de l'innovation Awards "in the category '' Best professional product for face-2005-2006 '' (Latvia, 2006); Grand Prix of the contest« Expo-beauty »2006 in the category" Discovery of the Year "( Moscow).

And now, in 2008, the company made a really powerful breakthrough by combining high technology in the preparation of active ingredients with modern packaging technologies, thus creating fundamentally new product that retains its magical properties for a long time.

«Plazan» is represented in Germany, Israel, Cyprus, Spain, Romania, the UK, Switzerland, South Africa, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and others. In Russia, we have four of its branches in Moscow, Ufa, St. Petersburg, Sochi, hundreds of offices in many cities from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk. In countries such as Cyprus, Germany, South Africa, established institutions trademark «Plazan», who are preparing for beauticians specialists in Russian, English and German. The company is planning to open offices in Venezuela, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates.

Ltd. "Zhespar-Bios" - an intelligent, dynamic company that combines science and production. A judicious combination of quality and rational price distinguishes our products among the variety of cosmetic products of domestic and foreign manufacturers. We are confident that consumers will appreciate its worth, as it is already done by many stars of domestic and foreign music. Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campbell, Klara Novikova, Lyme Vajkule and many other stars, the first year are our clients.