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Program «Care for sensitive skin» (from 25 years)

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  • calming and soothing effect
  • strengthening of the vascular wall
  • restoration of local immunity of the skin
  • reduced sensitivity
  • deep and lasting hydration

In the set:
1. Milk «The Quickening»
2. Toner «Collagen»
3. Active serum low-Molecular Plazan
4. Mask regenerating with nanosystems
5. Cream «Collagen»
6. Cream «Shining eyes»
7. Cream «Lip Contour»
  • Milk «The Quickening»
  • Toner «Collagen»
  • Active serum low-Molecular Plazan
  • Mask regenerating with nanosystems
  • Cream «Collagen»
  • Cream «Shining eyes»
  • Cream «Lip Contour»
Technique of procedure:
1. Make-up remover. Evenly apply a thin layer to face, neck and décolleté, gently massage. Rinse with warm water.
2. Toning. Cotton pad soak with toner and a circular, massaging gently wipe the skin.
3. Active care. Apply the serum hammered movements. Do not rinse.
4. Mask. Apply the mask on the face. If you want, spend self-massage for 10 minutes or a compress of hot towels. Leave the mask on face for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.
5. Completion of care. Apply the cream "Collagen" on the face, neck and decollete.
6. The eye care. Apply lightly the cream on the eye area.
7. Lip care. Apply the cream on the area around the lips.
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