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Program VIP «Active care + instant facelift»

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Articul: PROD105
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  • instant facelift with face oval correction
  • Increased skin tone and elasticity
  • smoothing of facial wrinkles
  • reduction of visible signs of aging skin
  • moisturizing and skin regeneration
  • detoxification
  • narrowing of dilated pores
  • ymphatic drainage effect
The kit includes:
1. Milk «Cleansing»
2. Facial Scrub Cream
3. Tonic «Collagen»
4. Active Serum - Serum - Elastin-Collagen Corset mix
5. Active serum - Serum - mix "Superlifting and total hydration" Dope of youth
6. Placental collagen mask-film
7. Cream «Birth of a Star»
8. Cream «Starry Night»
9. Shining Look Cream
10. Cream «Lip contour»
  • Milk «Cleansing»
  • Facial Scrub Cream
  • Tonic «Collagen»
  • Active Serum - Serum - Elastin-Collagen Corset mix
  • Active serum - Serum - mix "Superlifting and total hydration" Dope of youth
  • Placental collagen mask-film
  • Cream «Birth of a Star»
  • Cream «Starry Night»
  • Shining Look Cream
  • Cream «Lip contour»
Technique of the procedure:
1. Makeup removal. Apply the milk evenly with a thin layer on the face, neck and décolleté area and massage lightly. Wash off with warm water.
2. Deep cleansing with elements of self-massage. Scrub cream applied on the skin and soft rotational movements along the massage lines to remove the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Wash off with warm water.
3. Toning. Soak a wadded disk with a tonic and wipe the skin in circular motions along the massage lines.
4. Active care. Apply the serum in a driving motion. Do not wash off.
5. The mask. Apply the mask film. The mask is applied on a rough surface on a moist face (you can also on the eyes). Carefully straightens, removes random air bubbles. Leave for 30 minutes. The mask film is removed with a slight movement of the hand, the other hand supports the skin, protecting it from excessive stretching.
6. Final care. Apply the “Birth of a Star” cream on your face,
7. Eye care. Apply the cream to the eye area with light movements.
8. Lip care. Apply the cream on the area around the lips.
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